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    Our tour packages price is based on facilities used, duration of the tour and how many people of the guest. We open to negotiate the final price and aim to provide you with the best value for your money. Our goal is to bring you to the best destinations and give you the experience of a lifetime.


    Save Komodo Tour will help you to explore Komodo National Park and surrounding, to see the real habitat of Komodo Dragons and wild life animals, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to do snorkeling and swimming on the pristine crystal water. We offer some tour packages such as HANDLING PASSENGER FROM CRUISE SHIP, one day trip to Komodo National Park, and overnight on board the boat. Our guide will serve you well and they already have great experience in handling guests.


    Save Komodo Tour will help you to explore the uniqueness of Flores Island.We provide some tour packages based on your needs.Our guide will serve you well and they already have good experience in handling guests.


    Why You Choose us

    Our passion is to make all the clients accessible what they need and to do it in the right way. We are a team of local experts who want to inspire and create lasting memories for a lifetime. As a team, our skills include tour development and research, adventure specialists, tour operation and responsible tourism.

    Adventure for everyone

    Save Komodo Tour  is a great concept for tourism sustainability and helping the locals. We help all travelers plan and schedule their vacations that offer a personalized experience for all travelers, couple, family, group, and private tour request.

    Our Guides

    Our guides are trained to make your holiday magical and will feel memorable for a lifetime. They know that it’s the unexpected surprises that make a holiday memorable for a lifetime. That’s why our guides pride themselves in anticipating your needs before you ask.

    Explore Flores

    Save Komodo Tour has a solid cohesiveness to take work and we have agreed to serve our customers with inner heart as it is seen in our motto: “Your Satisfaction is our main goal”. Save Komodo Tour will make your journey and cultural tours on unforgettable moment. We will make sure that you will guided safely on your fantastic tours through our amazing homeland of Flores and Komodo Island and make sure that everything is take care of you.

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